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11.25.2012 , 06:49 AM | #39
Awesome awesome trailer! I love how you got the Emperor talking in there! That guy doesn't get nearly enough attention, its always Malgus, Malgus, Malgus.
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The trailer is really well made and should sell the game however once in game players will be disappointed because the game does not feels like in the trailer.
Agreed, but at least unlike previous stuff it does actually happen in the game. All these cutscenes happen, and are epic, but there too spread out to make the game feel awesome all the time. But by the looks of it Makeb is going to up the game.
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The video looks nice, but some of fthese things dosnt happen. Never seen one stop a bullet mid air, or space missions that where like that. It's false advertisement about the game.
Lol, literally the first one is one of the best cutscenes in the game! I literally thought I was gonna watch the whole battle in a cutscene!