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Or if you enjoy the game, just sub? Definitely worth the 15 a month imo.
Debatable. A bunch of people before F2P switched over certainly didn't feel the game was worth a sub.

Personally, I think it's worth a sub, or a good flat fee for quests, levels 1-49. Once one gets to end game though, there's just not as much to do. Experiencing all the other class stories might be fun, but you'd also have to go through all the planet stories as well, which are really only good one time around. Operations get dull after a while. PvP warzones can be interesting, but any fresh level 50 is going to get owned their first few dozen matches.

If there was more end-game content that just wasn't a bunch of dailies, maybe it would be better. But if had gotten those quests, then maybe not so many subscribers would have left.