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There has always been some kind of mobskipping in either small or large scale in flashpoints but the latest trend is simply wrong.

It seems that teams doing flashpoints skip some of the bosses and have no respect for the ones that are signing up to get better gear.

Please respect the players that join flashpoints with groupfinder to gear up, it is enough to wait for ages for them to pop.

Alternatively Bioware could make the flashpoint not complete unless all bosses are dead (the way it should be)


Is it fair to ignore players in the team that needs gear and steamroll through the flashpoint not listening at all?
First of all that "loot"" you're after that drops on skippable bosses is WORSE then the FREE recruit set every single 50 gets these days.

Anyway on the subject - here's my thought - how about you learn to respect the people who are there to get their daily 5 comms and have outgeared those encounters months ago ? If the majority of the group wants to skip through the conversations and bosses ... then you either go with them or leave ( get kicked ).

If you want to kill everything THAT badly find a group of likeminded people and stop QQing on the forums. You already have the option to kill everything, why should the rest of us NOT have the option to SKIP ?

Are you THAT special ?