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I will try to make this very, very, ultimately clear to you:

BW refused refunding (real money worth) cartel coins to people who had bought the account wide perk before BW fixed the labelling issue or put the message on launcher. BW chose to deny the request because these individuals had not written a ticket prior to the announcement from BW. The problem with this method is following: Cartel Coin is "real money" in a way and principle of good customer service would suggest that responsibility to refund a customer based on complain time should be in effect, nevermind the TOS.

Think about it for a moment: It's logical that some people wait to hear if it's a bug or not before writing a request ticket for refund. It could have been a bug and something BW would fix and there would be no need for writing a refund request. However, the moment BW acknowledged the problem, they also revoked your right to be refunded even in the case of buying the perk prior to announcement.

If this really is the case, it makes me wonder who's pulling the strings of decision on these issues? Personally, I didn't buy the unlock. I am discussing this issue because I see it as an injustice. Gaming currency traded in with real money just makes this issue more complicated and would suggest people in this thread consider BW's decision to be questionable at best.

Yours, Ruswyn/Mrachan
Now Allow me to make this clear to you.... YOURE WRONG!!!

I made my ticket on evening of 19th after purchasing the item on 17th. The annoucement was made on the 18th..on the 20th I received my REFUND.

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Ive found the level of attitude you give in a ticket as well as how polite you are to a customer service personal that is not responsiable for this mistake is directly related to how successful of a responce you get. Never speak to someone youre requesting assistance from like they are lower or like they've wronged you, cuz really they will at that point.
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