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11.24.2012 , 09:14 PM | #25
*Sigh* You people treat HM flashpoints like they are rocket science..

Level 50 group finder HM FPs are generally accepted as speed runs for the daily BH comms. I play all three roles and unless a group is absolutely undergeared and clueless I will chain pull because these HM FPs are ridiculously easy as ANY role. I always ask if we want to spacebar or not, I'm all for watching the cutscenes if someone hasn't seen it or wants to.

To the healers, do your job, you aren't anymore important or special then the other roles, grow up and heal the people, especially on the speed runs as some people don't have all the time in the world and just want their commendations for the day

To the tanks in this thread, get off your high horses, HM FPs can easily be done without you and frankly are only needed to make it even more easy then it already is

To the DPS. if your group is struggling through each pull then DO let the tank pull first. possibly encouraging him to speed it up a little if the healer can handle it

Like I said, I have plenty of experience in all three roles, it absolutely infuriates me when a tank thinks he is so important and that DPS are the scum of the earth, thinking he can take all the time in the world to do his job or when a healer doesn't heal somebody to "teach them a lesson" and wipes the whole group (or slows them down significantly) because they refused to heal.

TL;DR Grow up and do your "jobs", its a game and not everyone wants to spend hours in something that can be completed in 20 minutes (Of course there are exceptions like doing a FP to experience or "re-experience" the story, but let the group know so they arent sitting there staring at a blank screen waiting for you to watch the cutscenes)