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11.24.2012 , 07:58 PM | #1
Well Ive been level 50 on my Powertech for about 3 days now. I spent some money on the GTN did my dailies and now I have purple in every slot. My aim is about 1450, my endurance with self buff and stim is just over 1800(putting my health at just over 20k). DR is sitting right around 49 percent and my shield is 47 percent. My absorbtion however seems to be sitting at about 39 percent(44 with shield tech procs) The procs are nice, but in a big mob pull with elites in HM FPs(seems everyone is morally against CC these days) I can take alot of damage before I get 4 flame bursts down. Keep in mind, my first day with most of this gear(ive upgraded some of it since) I went through 3 HM FPs, got the daily group finder, daily terminal and weekly terminal quests done. 2nd day, I had a big fail at Kaon(didnt help that we had a very impatient healer who thought to pull the elevator boss with half of us there and while i was typing a question about the fight, then votekicks me and one dps after it doesnt work out. Had another fail on false emperor,

Idk is 39 percent enough for tanking HM FPs? All my gear except for a couple slots(my main is rakata quality and my boots are columni) are approximately tionse quality(rated 126 and above) so IMO that should be enough to do most HMs with (save for Lost Island of course) And before you suggest recruit gear, all of my gear is better in PVE than recruit gear(i meticulously checked)

also later that day I did FE again with a different group and it was a flawless run.(people were also using cc and focus firing strong mobs)

Idk what do you guys think? Whats a good number? Any tips for tanking HMs? Or should I chak up those 2 bad runs as badluck/me being tired/impatient group and be thankful for the 4 good runs Ive had sofar.