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I ve read what everyone has said up til this point (thank you also, btw, great content) and I have 1 or 2 questions based on these conclusions.

C. It has been confirmed that if you have a dps class that has armor penetration, then the kinetic/energy relic is better than the internal/elemental relic.

Q. But is this true for a Carnage Marauder who gets (Gore) 100% armor penetration for 4.5 seconds every 15 seconds during a fight?

C. It has been confirmed that the dot based specs like a Pyrotech Powertech would get the most benefit from the DG relic of boundless ages and the DG internal proc relic.

Q. But for that same dps class with a talent for main stat increase (9% increase) on aim for example, since alot of guys use the matrix cube over the warhero relic (ie. because main stat is superior to power cus of the talent), is the DG internal proc relic still better than the Matrix cube? (based on the assumption that the DG Boundless Ages relic is superior to the DG internal Proc relic in general)

I apologize in advance if this is so simple its not worth my asking but i havent read anything here yet to make it too self-explanatory, so thus the inquiry.
For Q, this is a good question. THEORETICALLY- if we do the math on gore/precision strike, thats 4.5 seconds every 15 seconds making it 4.5/15 = 0.3 or 30%, judt like the mercs. Now its argueable that even though the ration is 30%, it only happens once (4.5 sec) in a window of 15 seconds. And since the relic CAN proc once every 4.5 seconds, you could get one in that window, or none througb out the 15 second window. IF one does get through thou, it would be for 100% penetration vs the merc 30%. I know I've personally seen some proc for over 500 pts.

Do these windows even out? Im not sure right now. I will have to run the numbers more in depth later.
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