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11.24.2012 , 12:23 PM | #1

Today i went into a run for black temple, and there was this guy level 12 with an amazing mount.
So i asked him, well how on earth are u able to have a lvl 3 mount at level 12.
He said well thats because i referred a friend, and if that friend subs, i get an email and i can use it.

He also said when he makes a new character, he starts off with 8 emails already, making his companion also 2 or 3 times stronger then himself.

So my question to all of u is: What do u need to do get special rewards/bonusses?

I already know bout the digital pack, that u get a mount, and this referrer a friend thing.
But what else is there?

I hope someone can help me get this cleared out for me.

Thanks in forward