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11.24.2012 , 12:17 PM | #6
all the issues you have stated was occurring way before f2p was here. in fact it was far worse the three months after release. many are still here in the fp hms and has been here since group finder 1.3.

the problem isn't f2p but rather peoples ill preconceived perceptions of what types of people play those mmos. i for one have 2 f2p accounts of non wow clone mmos. my friends have the same as does a few guildies. we dont have any issues in those games. the only issues we have are the wow and wow clone subscriber mmos player base who never learned any etiquette due to the games mechanics. whether or not these people pay or not pay for a subscription will make no difference, they will not have any manners either way. a subscription doesnt make people have any manners in a game period.