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My wife started playing about 5 months after I did. Now she wants to play more than I want to.

It doesn't matter which class or spec she plays. She doesn't want to play because she finds the game interesting, she wants to play because you do, and she'd like to be able to enjoy something that you enjoy. It's a chance to spend some time together, without you getting all ,"GAWD this movie is BORINGS!" And she wants to understand why you enjoy the game. ~it's gonna kinda suck the fun out of playing the game, until she gets past all that and starts enjoying the game by herself.

My wife is pretty new to gaming & her last game before TOR was Plant's vs. Zombies. She's healing Hardmodes now. And she has never been a Star Wars fan.

My advise is.

1. Try not constantly coach her, let her enjoy being a newb & then help her figure out how to play better when she asks.
2. Have her play a ranged class
3. avoid stealth & the positional attacks (ie backstabbing) ~ she's going to be a keyboard turner ~ get used to it
4. avoid the melee classes & tank specs because the knockbacks & goofy camera angles get old.
5. Don't plan on PvPing together, let her explore that on her own if she's interested
6. Don't bury her under crafted gear "gifts" too hard - it takes the excitement out of recieving a new gear drop.
7. Don't underestimate her ability to learn, or overestimate how difficult it is play this game.
8. Get your patience ready, she's going to do some weird stuff (my wife is unable to pass up an exploding barrel)
9. make sure she understands "respecing" and that she's not stuck with those choices, have her build her own spec, and play around her newb choices ~ it's actually quite fun.
10. play to complement the capacity of her toon, and play at her pace.

Commando & sage are probably going to be her best bets Rep side. - either way she'll enjoy the story with either Yuon or Garza. My wife is playing on 6 different toons now. She finds all of the stories interesting except for the Knight story - which she watched me play when we leveled her main.
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