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What's even more frustrating is getting a group with a newish player who doesn't know how to skip. The rest of the group just blows ahead while the other guy is still getting on his speeder, and when somebody accidentally pulls the group is so spaced out it's near impossible to recover. Worst case scenario someboby ends up quitting because their speed run didn't go exactly as planned, when the wipe could have been avoided by a quick explaination.
Honestly, Battle of Ilum is the HM FP with most wipes and quits of all, including LI HM. And that even though it is one of the easiest, no matter if you skip or not. Once for example there was a commando healer with us on his first 50, and they didn't take the time to explain, wait for him etc. So he kept pulling aggro or dying from environment, and sometimes they tried to go back to help him and pulled another group on the way. Soon it was only him and me (gunnery commando). We played the entire FP alone with companions, skipping only the hardest bosses, which took a while. After our first wipe at the final boss, GF found 2 people for us.

I've played it with 2 dps + 2 companions before, and it was no problem at all. It's not hard, but very prone to wipes due to impatience and lack of communication.