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11.24.2012 , 10:38 AM | #1
I was doing the questline to get HK-51 and had gotten as far as "Lord of Agony" when a guildmate of mine needed help doing the earlier part of the mission, "The Fatality". Since both of those missions take place in the same area, I had him enter the instance first, figuring that it would set things up for his quest. Turns out it actually spawned the bosses for both quests -- which we couldn't beat simultaneously. So we both left the instance, dropped the group, and abandoned the quest, figuring that (since I was going to help him through the whole thing anyway) I'd just redo it.

Except that I can't get the quest back.

When he tries to share it with me, it says I'm ineligible. If we group up and he talks to the droid that gives you the mission, it says I can't join the conversation because we're on different mission steps. If I talk to the droid on my own, it gives me the generic line that you get after the mission has been assigned rather than opening the mission dialogue. It seems pretty clear that some variable associated with my character wasn't reset properly when I abandoned the mission. So the part of the game that pays attention to actually doing the mission thinks I'm not on the mission yet, but the part that pays attention to giving the mission in the first place thinks I'm already on the mission.

I opened a ticket (ticket # 6945863), but still haven't gotten any response, not even a "your ticket is under review, please check back later", after almost 24 hours. Every other time I've opened a ticket I've gotten something within a few hours. At this point, I don't really care whether I start the mission chain from scratch or I get back where I was before I abandoned it -- I just want to be able to get HK-51, which is impossible until this issue is resolved.