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11.24.2012 , 10:08 AM | #18
yea the list seems fine but like everyone says it depends on the player. I've tanked li hm with a healer that was in full recruit gear. i was skeptical at first but i figured what the hell give him the chance. me n the 2 dps weren't overgeared but we did what we could to stay outta bad like your supposed to. but the healer made up for lack of gear in his experience playing his class. i dont remember his name or id give him a shout out lol but he knew how to heal with his op healer. so i found it funny when i went to do li hm with my maruader (only been 50 for less than a day but i had already run kp hm once i got full columi) when before my game could finish loading the instance they kicked me due to low gear. now the tank had gone solely on hp which was (17k almost 18k) n based on their hp they were in at least bh/rakata mix. so i just got in another group and by the time we had finished him n his group were still in the instance . i would just like to add 1 question would everyone equate bh=campaign or not just cuz of the set bonus