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I've actually had this happen a number of times in LI, made worse by the fact that fresh 50 recruit geared DPS come in without knowing any of the boss fights, barely knowing their own class, assuming the Group Finder has built in protections to prevent them from getting in over their heads, such that they believe that they're *intended* to go straight from hitting 50 to doing LI.

I think a lot of the problem comes from what WoW does with their groupfinder at 50 (required average i-level to even get into queues). Many people, especially new players coming from WoW to TOR, assume that, if WoW does it, every other game does it as well.

I'm still curious as to how BW plans on instituting their guideline/requirement system since the simplest method (requiring or recommending a certain average gear rating) would still allow pure Recruit geared players through because, even though the content is designed with Columi gear in mind (126 rating), Recruit gear has a 132 rating. It's just so much worse because so much of the itemization is devoted to Expertise. Without creating separate effective ratings for PvP and PvE, about the only solution that I can arrive at simply is recommending certain levels of hp, which simply inflates the value of hp in the mind if the average player (especially tanks, when most tanks realized long ago that hp stacking is simply bad).
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