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11.24.2012 , 08:24 AM | #1
I just purchased 5500 Cartel Coins using the in-game store, which sent me to an external website.. I complete the transaction, and received my paypal receipt... but no cartel coins have appeared in my account??!

Each time I click on the cartel store icon, I get the message saying "Cartel coins have been added to your account" but I do not see them in my balance.

Please check your system and credit my cartel coins ASAP! it is totally unacceptable that your system works fine when it comes to taking my money... but when it comes to giving me what I paid for it fails... very frustrating.

This is the second issue I have had with the cartel store! The first issue I had, your support basically told me I had to grin and bear the loss of 700 cartel coins because I made a mistake, and purchased the hk51 legacy unlock for both republic, and imp on a character that I had already unlocked hk-51 on via the story quests... it seems to me that it's a major breach of ethics to allow me to purchase something that I already have, and do not need to purchase!

.. im very disappointed, and wish for this issue to be resolved very quickly.

Screenshot of receipt

Screenshot in-game