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That's absolute bull*****. I am visually impaired and have an extremely hard time reading the text in the game and got two nebula pistols. I went to put them on my gunslinger so i could have matching weapons. It wasn't for a while that realized it was main hand only, which I couldn't read. CS refused to even just 'un-'bind' the items. I didn't want a refund, I just wanted to be able to do something with them.

They either need to un-bind my items or make them main hand/off-hand. I am really close to unsubscribing, not just because of this but for a lot of things. There refusal to help me out was the last straw though.
I had a similiar situation with a Mask of Nihilus that I accidently bound, I didnt want a refund either just a chance to use the mask where I wanted it, I was told no.. they are making it very hard to remain a loyal customer.