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11.23.2012 , 09:41 PM | #1
Ok so, I got a guildie who bought the speeder 1,2,3 packs before YOU GUYS even mentioned about how its not for All Characters on your Account.

Yes he used it, but the description you wrote sort of said to unlock on all characters on the server. If it wasnt mentioned then this would be justified but if the description is incorrect, and you acknowledge after our guildie purchased it then he should be given a full refund.

So can you tell me why a refund isnt possible?

EDIT: Ok so update here, because its "free" cartel coins which is well not true since he is a subscriber? He cant get a refund?

Are you kidding me where is the logic in that? He paid money to play per month and we get cartel points for paying per month or more, and you want to say its free?