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Hi DarthGuiGan,

There seems to be something wrong with the network alright. A pathping might be usful. You should be able to get around the "no resources" error by running the command prompt as Administrator.

Kairyssa_Wylok, we're happy to acknowledge a problem when it's on our end. However, we need to look into things first. Also, server-based errors tend to affect large numbers of people, rather than individuals or small groups. As an example see the multiple Cartel Coin threads, these are an issue on our end that we are working on. To just say "oh it's on our end" without even looking into it would be avoiding the problem. Also, computers can change for many reasons without anything obvious done on the users end. An easy example would be a software update that completes. There's also internet network conditions to consider. And it doesn't mean that the user made a mistake or did anything wrong. It just means that we need to investigate.

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