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Yea, it also says LEGS on the skirts that inquisitors wear...whats your point?
BioWare screwed up by not taking droid parts into account when they bound armorings to specific gear slots.
My point is...Its a freaking droid. The item slot doesn't even look like leggings...BW didn't screw up at all. They did with the no armor at all on HK...but this...this is just you trying to legitimize your own stupidity.

NOW back to where you screwed up. You answered your own question here:
Quote: Originally Posted by Exiled-Phoenix View Post
Ok so i had a pair of rakata Imperial agent/smuggler legs in my cargo bay and figured i would put the mods and stuff in HK his orange MODABLE gear..
But the armorings cant be placed in droid gear because they are bound to leg pieces.

Ticket #6945569
Bound to leg...not motors. Now I agree...the scaling can cause a issue...and everyone's tickets are being ya that sucks. But the gear thing on HK...thats all on you bro.