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I only became aware of the issue through the forums and ultimately the launcher. Both of my alts were level one, parked indefinitely while I stayed on the main. If they're giving refunds, I doubt they decided, "based on individual basis," as my purchase was on the 16th. Rather they are associating ticket times with purchase times.

I'm not going to bother with another ticket. I'll see if I can get a charge back through my credit card company. I think between a screenshot of the launcher, their "no refund for our mistake" reply email, and politely laying out the vocabulary of this for the layperson who has never played the game, I'm hopeful I can get a refund.

I am very fortunate (relatively) this issue arose near the end of my one month sub.
CC company will not grant you the chargeback as purchased item was given to you (the coins themselves). Also be aware that chargeback a expense after services are recieved proper is Fraud by law of land and such you can be pursued by EAware for this.

If you've read here that many others HAVE recieved refund you'll notice that we all stated we purchased and stated we purchased before 17th announcment in the ticket. Next that we were polite about it, nothing like biting the helping hand to get you kicked in the teeth by foot attached to said hand.

Open another Ticket with NO mention of prior. State you purchased the item before announcement on 17th and would request a refund as you've seen from forums this is being done. Note to them that you are requesting the refund as you purchased item for Legacy wide property and as that was not what item was for due to text error on tooltip that said purchase isnt what you wanted then and wouldnt have purchased it to begin with.

I understand your fustration but being childish and throwing tantrum wont help you get those coins back. Suck it up, be polite and ask again with all right info. SHOULD then you get a 'screw you' open another stating WHO gave you the screw you and would like to have it escalated above said persons departement as now you feel unjustly treated as many have gotten refund for same cause as you but you are being discriminated upon for unknown reasons. Do not make threats in that ticket just request.

Should all that that LONG process and talk someone of authority and explain situation, again be polite they are humans too, you'll reach someone of brains that will return to you said coins.

Yes its long process but hey thats life, only other route is a Lawyer and thousands of dollars for value of less than $5.
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