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11.23.2012 , 05:49 PM | #2
Right now he has some weird bug on my server - Jung Ma - where he doesn't lose stacks unless you kill him.

Here's how he's currently working on Jung Ma (can a developer tells us if this is as intended? I'm fine if that's the case, it's not an issue for us).

1. He will ALWAYS have 1 stack on respawn regardless of whether you attack him with 8 or even 18 people UNLESS
2. You apply Dread Essence which only drops off him at 1 stack kills
3. His stacks do not reset when you raise them via Dread Essence* ONLY
4. When killed he respawns with 1 stack

*I applied 3 essences to him last monday and 11 days later he's still at 4 stacks

As for killing him:
1 Stack - 8 manned him (seemed the same as Nightmare Karagga tbh)
2 Stack - SKIPPED
3 Stack - Definitely a step up, needed 16 people for this one (slightly easier than Nightmare Pilgrim since he only had 5.4M health and we had 8 minutes to kill him so didn't need tight dps)
4 Stack - Might attempt tonight actually
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