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If she really gets into the game, she'll probably start making choices on her own eventually. The first MMO I ever played, my boyfriend suggested what to play. Several months later, I rerolled a different class, became way better at the game than him, was promoted to officer, etc...

Honestly I don't think you can really predict what anyone will like. So far on the Republic side I enjoyed the Consular story more than the Smuggler. I don't mean to get too cliche, but maybe going Sage is the simplest idea.
Yeah that was my thinking. I was just looking for something to get her in the door and (hopefully) hooked.

Thanks to those that provided constructive feedback (and read the thread before posting). As I said a couple of times, she just wants to be told what to play to start with. She's never played an MMO before so has no idea about class differences, roles, mechanics or any of the distinguishing things.

She's started a Bounty Hunter and I'm pairing it with an Operative healer.. Couldn't help but laugh when the first thing her character said was "When do I get to start killing stuff", followed by her spending the next 10 minutes telling me to stop talking because she was busy killing stuff.
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