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I'd say going double-Scoundrel might be a good idea. You heal, she picks either dps-spec. The stealth factor brings a lot of fun into the game. And if she wants to try out healing, you can always switch roles.

Also, you might of course consider throwing in another set of characters you'd play together. At the moment me and my girlfriend play two shadows (Infiltration both, level ~30) and a marauder/assassin-pair (I tank, ~lv16). I kinda pointed her to pick up Shadow as her first character, but not directly. She would've maybe preferred to go Imperial, but I pointed out the harsh truth that me and my friends play mostly Republic, so she'd get company more easily there - and later we worked over this and made the Imperial pair. She was set on playing dps, so I presented the possibilities to her. She was intrigued by stealthing, so it came down to Scoundrel or Shadow, and in the end, the double-bladed lightsaber was the point that made her pick Shadow. She played Tython and Coruscant alone and I joined her on Nar Shaddaa (did Hammer Station before that, though). And we're having great fun, even when duoing the content as double-dps - although we're advancing kinda slowly as she started in mid-September.
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