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Hmmm I may get where Arcada is coming from though.
Sometimes it's not that you're too lazy to look up guides/ videos, it's that looking it up before seeing it for the first time kills some of the joy of seeing & experiencing the content in game for the first time.

I like to experience new content by myself without guides or tips or hints, usually with a group of friends who are new to the content as well. That way I can admire the scenery, listen to conversation choices, examine bosses and figure out how they work without knowing beforehand.

But this pleasure is only usually possible when running with friends for whom the content is new as well and who want to explore. If the group has done it 20 times already and wants a fast run, you'll be holding them back.
Underlined and bolded the key part of that. Wanting that is fair enough, but in that case you should find a like minded group to go with instead of joining a normal group and expecting to be carrier trough it.

Oh and BTW I also know some people who really like to explain mechanics, tactics, etc and really enjoy taking new people on runs rather than running the same old same old with experienced people.
Cool. Find a person like that and group with him/her instead of joining normal groups.