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That is sort of the whole problem isn't it. I'm not exactly a "newbie" to MMOs or TOR, have semi-decent gear, and I've been avoiding a huge and fun part of the game because of the lack of patience of *some* people at the top.

And quite frankly, watching the whole thing on youtube before hand does not in the least appeal to me.

People complain about a lack of end-game content. I completely disagree now. There seems to be tonnes of fun stuff to do. The only problem is other players not making this particularly accessible.

- Arcada
Well, that's your problem then TBH. Why should an entire group of 7 people have to sit there and wait/explain stuff to you when you yourself is unwilling to put any effort into learning it? Looking up guides may not be fun for you, but having to explain is hardly fun for the rest of the group either, but you are the one that needs to learn so it's on you to take responsibility for it.

I'm in a guild that consist of pretty much just me and a few RL friend that doesn't play much at all, and yet I've never had any issues getting into ops. I watch those youtube guides, and I'm honest with the potential groups about being a first timer but that I've looked up the tactics on my own, and the result is that I've now cleared every op in the game trough pugging, and they usually add me to friends list after so that they can get in touch with me if they need more help in the future.

Put in the effort and it will pay off, or get stuck being unable to advance. It's your choice.