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Question to add onto this. I have a combo of tiones/columi/rakata gear and have the following specs on my sorcerer DPS spec...... 1624-Willpower 1381 Endurance. Should I still be doing HM FP's or can I move on to OPS at this point? I'd try to queue up but I would hate to be THAT GUY that shows up totally undergeared and ruin someone's OP.
That is sort of the whole problem isn't it. I'm not exactly a "newbie" to MMOs or TOR, have semi-decent gear, and I've been avoiding a huge and fun part of the game because of the lack of patience of *some* people at the top.

And quite frankly, watching the whole thing on youtube before hand does not in the least appeal to me.

People complain about a lack of end-game content. I completely disagree now. There seems to be tonnes of fun stuff to do. The only problem is other players not making this particularly accessible.

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