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Over on Noxxic im looking up stat priority details (Is a better place around?).

Like im looking up this:

And below i see this:
Strength >= Accuracy (110%) > Power/Force Power > Crit (30%) = Surge (75%)

What exactly does this mean?

Does this mean that the Strength stat needs to be stacked until accuracy is 110% or is there a accuracy stat available itself?
The basic translation is:

Stack Accuracy, Crit and Surge until you reach the given percentage for each one, then keep on stacking the other stats in this list for as high as you can.

The order in which it is given is the order of importance. A higher Strength value will add more to your Power and Crit rating to your Jedi Knight/Sith Warrior. Therefore you want to stack this as high as possible.

Next to strength you should always look to add to your accuracy first before you add Power, Crit and Surge. When you reach 110% accuracy, you don't need to add any more accuracy.

Then you should look to add Power before you add to your crit/surge.
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