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I recall a developer talking about how they didn't want *too* much crossover because it would make the galaxy seem too small or too coincidental that all these major characters would be running into each other.

Out of all BS reasons they could have given this would have to be among reekiest ones.. Tis nice smallness of Galaxy apparently isn't apparent or bothersome when these same classes consistently visit all the same warehouses, city blocks and factories for slightly different reasons ..And do all the same sidequests.

I almost loved Pulp Fiction but then realized it is too coincidental!!

To be fair, I'm not exactly asking some delicate complex net of structures combining all 8 stories into one exiting multi layered exisatental whole or anything. Having said that, I remember finding it very odd when I began realizing odds are none of the storylines mirror eachother. That much, at least, they could and should have done. Ie, some chapter or 2 of Sith Warrior giving other side of the coin, story of Smuggler another. (for example)

Next paragraph spoils Sith War story a bit. Jedi Knight/IA spoiled too in some vague mild way

Just few easy examples of what simply should be there in much greater quantities; Why doesn't Jedi knight (for example..) ever meet Jaesa Willsaam? Why don't we get a quest or two from her on Pubbie side? Additional depth and much more tragic fate there. There are, quite literally, over nine thousand NPCs in TOR that could have used more screen time and additional depth. Why isn't the bad *** commander of Balmorra Resistance Imps have to deal with around for at least some of the Reoublic classes? Master of Sith War is knee deep in Imperial Intelligence and counter intelligence. Why is it we don't have any meaningful interaction with him as IA? Why is it he isn't the one puppet mastering the repetitive " lets steal superweapons" drive of Jedi Knight story?
Etc. Etc. Etc. More. familiar. faces.

If Original StaWa trilogy was made by BW writers, lass hauling Death Star plans, lass inprisoned in Death Star, lass who is Luke's sister and lass who is Anakin's daughter would have been four different characters who never meet or interact with eachother. Tho Lass#3 might mention Lass#1 in dialogue you get @ 400 affection points.

Commercially, one of TOR's larrgest issues was how people would finish one class and then call it quits. If player would have had strong impression of certain fates still left unfolding through eyes of some other class, it would have kept some portions of them masses in game for longer, perhaps. To give this impression strongly enough would not have been that difficult. It does take more than some exploitation via companion dialogues though.

...Having said that, I'm just glad to hear such exploitation exists, at least. I've played all them wrong classes, int his regard

Total of 8 class stories make 4 coins. Republic of each giving heads, Sith side the tails. This initially felt like best and most obvious way to handle things to me.