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I had no real intention to play Empire classes originally, however the HK parts quest forced me to roll a toon there too. Hereby some remarks.

While Koribban as for starting planed looks pretty much KOTORish and makes sense being just a tomb excavation site (after all it is newly re-claimed planet for Empire), the capita l - Dromund Kaas has little excuse. Or actually IS a perfect explanation why Empire is doomed to fail.

Dromund Kaas (I am just waiting when someone in Netherlands invents a cheese called Dromund  ) is nothing but a un-inhabited jungle/rocky wastes, where no real city development nor economical infrastructure is (and will be) built.

All due to Empire’s main principle and the idea of fighting against each other for the “unlimited power”.
All that Sith code stuff.

Doing the above leaves little (if any) time to think about generating economical power, which in fact works much better and attracts more people than any war ever.
Constant watching your back and seeking (momentary only) alliances against those who grew a bit more into power, is by no means a way to establish a stable growth path for any country (not to mention an Empire).

But perhaps there are few in Empire who could think a bit “out of the box” and try to organize some more orchestrated activities - like the one on Coruscant.

This, however, was probably one time event because Jedi Temple represents all that Siths hate the most and that’s why they were willing to “unify” to make successful attack.

But after that there are only scattered “Lords” and” Darths” who are only interested in their particular power and fighting against others in the same faction. Malgus also went into delusions .

How is that being a viable path to destroy the Republic?? A powerful organism with \thousands of planets and gazzilion of inhabitants?

Look at the galaxy: Siths are only trying to cap plants being originally with the Republic, cap with no real chances for success, remembering that living organisms everywhere would still prefer economic growth as their main path instead of never ending crusades to the outer rims or even further.

Apparently Empire is too weak and too scattered to be a real danger for the Republic even if the latter has some recent issues with few separatist planets.

All this makes me quite reluctant to get involved into the Empire story, because…well, I know I am doomed. Killing few jedis or others won't help that at all.

Fighting for the sake of fights? naaah..

The only one who had some brains was Palpi, who understood that Republic can be only captured by holding its centre – Senate. But even he could not hold it.
Hello, two against the galaxy?
What did he smoke??

All in all, Empire is a ill-thought idea. There's no reason to join.

Just loud thinking.
Dark side is a pathway to many abilities, some consider to be unnatural.