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I'm very frustrated about the silence of BioWare on this issue, and the length of time we've gone without adequate communication. However, I see it as a whole issue of poor community service. I think the community team should be much more open with us in general, I don't think it's something special about our pet issue.
I agree. I was reading another thread in this part of the forum (and realized I mostly just come to this thread to read and maybe shouldn't be so exclusive) where people complained about the lack of info on additional chapters to come, or more class story content.

It's not just us, though of course it doesn't make it that much easier to wait.

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Someone earlier pointed out that BioWare is one of the few game companies consistently generating this kind of content, and urged you all to remember who your friends are. That couldn't be more true.
Yeah, that still is my biggest hope, and one major reason why I consider myself loyal to Bioware and prefer them over other game companies AND am willing to give them the benefit of doubt at this point.

But patience is a fickle thing and and since Bioware (unlike other companies - Bethesda, I'm looking at you) is so good at creating romance content that's engaging, embedded into the story and not just thrown to the sidelines, be it OGR or SGR, I do find it hard waiting. Really, really, increasingly so ....