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11.23.2012 , 12:59 AM | #4
The way I read it it's all current characters on your account, in which care it's not that appealing to me.

If it's all current and future characters, then getting one with every subscribed month (to not be spending more credits than you get for free and to have some spare for other things), you could have it permanently maxed for all characters you ever get... That I would be more interested in.

So I'd like to know if new characters get it too. Ofcourse the first tier is a waste, 5000 credits are not that much, especially when you already have a high level to fund the lower. If it's account wide current and future it removes the need to extend it all the time and earn credits for it, especially after getting the full page.

Hope someone can add the details, not taking chances with it, I'll take the gamble packs when I want to gamble.