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11.23.2012 , 12:52 AM | #3258
Here's the thing about the anger at BioWare's silence: Everyone seems to be clear about SGRAs being classified as story content. Yet, people are comparing the information we get to things like hood toggles, which are decidedly NOT story content.

Many of you seem so sure that BioWare is holding back on giving us information because of the homosexual angle, but I'm not so sure that's true. People in this thread are claiming discrimination based on the thin evidence of we haven't gotten the information we are looking for, and we also happen to be talking about homosexual content.

But let's be honest here, has BioWare EVER shown a history of being forthcoming about this type of content? How much more than "No new information" did people asking about HK-51 ever get prior to his imminent release? How much info would you expect to get out of them if you were asking about Makeb, unrelated to SGRAs? After the announcement of Cathar, how freely has BioWare discussed that? Aside from vague hints at it's existence, what kind of details have we gotten on improved space gameplay?

As far as I'm concerned, BioWare has followed a very consistent pattern of announce content, give no new information, talk about it once it's on the PTR. The only thing out of the ordinary here is the length of time we've been waiting, and as I pointed out, if the content is of the quality we all hope it is, that isn't so bizarre.

I think you guys need to be extremely careful about these very serious allegations of discriminatory behavior. I don't see any evidence to support such allegations, and the history of all the players involved indicates the opposite of discriminatory attitudes.

I'm very frustrated about the silence of BioWare on this issue, and the length of time we've gone without adequate communication. However, I see it as a whole issue of poor community service. I think the community team should be much more open with us in general, I don't think it's something special about our pet issue.

Being angry and disappointed the content we care so deeply about is taking so long to arrive with no end in sight is reasonable. Continuing to make apparent our level of desire for said content is appropriate. However, letting the dissatisfaction turn into hate, and lobbing unjust accusations is irresponsible.

You may force a reply from BioWare when you go and level an accusation of discrimination, but not only is that unfair, it's counter productive. Do you honestly want to leave these developers and anyone else looking on with the impression that dealing with our community will be met with such hostility if we're unsatisfied? Accusations of discrimination are an extremely serious thing. It's not unfathomable that the developers would start out doing something because they believe in it, but then stop because even the people they were trying to support made it too volatile.

Someone earlier pointed out that BioWare is one of the few game companies consistently generating this kind of content, and urged you all to remember who your friends are. That couldn't be more true.