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I guess, maybe, the reason Makeb is being delayed is so they can wait and see how the transition to F2P affects their finances. That way they can determine whether or not they'd have to charge money from subscribers in order for new story content to continue to be viable.

That said, I would hope that the SGR content would be freely available to all regardless of if they buy the expansion or not, even if they do come in the same update.

EDIT: And HK-51 is free of subscribers, yes. The idea is basically that F2P players have to pay to unlock anything that isn't the basic story/path to level 50.

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You know, that is exactly what I was talking about. We may disagree on the subject, but we do so without calling each other names or scream and yell at another.
And on the Internet too. Isn't it zany?

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On public boards when I mentioned I was okay with the endings and didn't really miss anything, there were people telling me I could never ever be a "true" Mass Effect fan then. They did not allow any disconsent. That I found quite presumptuous.
In my own experience, the reversed was much more common from day one. Anyone daring to support the idea that BioWare "owed" the fans more than what was there was called childish, bratty, immature, etc..

I have no doubt that it's highly dependent on the demographic of specific public boards, but it just seemed worse in this direction. Above mentioned insults were usually the catch-all response to any and all legitimate and detailed criticism covering everything from the emotional impact of the lack of denouement to deconstructions of the plot or inconsistent game design.

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I read just last night (I didn't even know), that Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk left Bioware to retire. I have no idea whether there's any connection here, but one saying he lost passion for creating video games, after all this ruckus with the new DLC was over .... I find this timing rather odd. But maybe that's just me.
I'm under the impression that Muzyka and Zeschuk have been planning to retire ever since they decided to sell BioWare to EA. They probably just stayed on to oversee the transition and, perhaps, the wrap-up of the Mass Effect franchise. No disrespect intended toward them, but once EA "assumed direct control" of BioWare... the founders were more or less rendered redundant, and that's just the nature of the business.

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Everyone should do what they want to get the content they want. That's more than fine with me. But don't claim I'm not a real fan if I disagree with you on some things and behave yourself in a way that makes it possible for other people to interact with you, be it other fellow gamers or writers, producers, and so on. I guess that's all I'm saying. And by "you" of course I did not mean you you... in case that was unclear.
Crystal clear and agreed on.

No one has the right to try to dictate whether or not another is a "true"/"real" fan. Just like with that idiotic "fake geek girl" thing, if I'm allowed to go on this very brief tangent. One's internal dedication and enthusiasm isn't for anyone else to judge.
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