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We have been led to expect same-sex romance with companions we already know. And sc****** up CC to unlock it, when those could be invested elsewhere, IS Pay-to-Gay, because no one had to do anything like that for OGR. It was just there, part of the content with the companions one met along the way. I want the same thing for SGR. Anything less and I will turn around and walk away rather than accept more of a second-class experience than we have already been subjected to.
I've not interpreted the BW scriptures this way. They've wanted to do SGRs justice by not flipping a toggle and making them player sexual. Rewriting existing non romance able companions would seem like a big task not really leading to additional content. Heterosexual players could also have SGR companions and not romance them and experience a new companion with their own character and opinions. I don't see why they would rewrite existing companions. If the content had already been written, then why would they have adjusted it to the current companions and then later rewrite those to be inclusive? They've never said literally that the existing companions would be SGR capable and I very much doubt that they're going to do that, it just doesn't make sense. Adding new companions with a story update makes much more sense.

As for the Cartel Market, not all things are paid for by subs, isn't HK51 also free for subs? I'm not lvl 50 yet so I don't have it yet.
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