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The general consensus I've seen across the forums is that the Imperial Agent has by far the best story in the entire game. As someone who's played an Agent all the way though, I wouldn't hesitate to agree with that.

For the rest of the Empire, Warriors definitely have a good story as well. Bounty Hunters can be a bit slow in the beginning but definitely start to pick up towards the endish of Chapter 2. Inquisiters probably get the short end of the stick since it's a bit of a different angle as a Sith looking for power and artifacts as opposed to the Warrior that just battles and kills everything head on, but the story fits very well with the class.

As for Republic, the Knight seems to have the crown there. I've got a Knight to 50 and had a blast doing it. I haven't leveled up the rest, but the Smuggler story is helped that your character gets at least one sarcastic response per reply, which is always great. Trooper story is good too, even in the early levels. From what I've seen with the Consular... it just seems to be boring compared to the other classes. If you like the idea of a kind of Jedi 'polititian' then you will definitely enjoy the story since it fits the class well. Compared to the other classes stories, however, they fall a bit flat. Bottom line, all the stories are really good and you should have fun no matter what. Hope this helps!
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