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The imbalance you're worried about for combat medics already exists. It's called Supercharged Cells/Gas Cylinder.

Tech Override SHOULD provide a buff that lasts longer than one cast. Imo it should just straight up last 12 seconds. Keep the cooldown the same (though the talent that reduces the CD of Reserve Powercell should also lower the cooldown of Tech Override instead of Concussion Charge). Concussion Charge should be changed to an instant ability period.

The reason I keep asking for hold the line is 8 seconds of interrupt/leap immunity via Hold the Line is enough time to get off your entire setup, from range if you cast it preemptively. Put it high in the tree so the medics can't get it. One full setup every 30 seconds guaranteed is one cycle in two, and you can do your best to go uninterrupted in the meantime by staying at range. You really aren't under pressure ALL the time. Especially if you let the furball develop and then come into engagement range. Full Auto/Unload should be uninterruptable with Curtain of Fire up though I agree.

I know you guys REALLY want instant cast Tracer/Grav/PS/CB, and I can see a talent higher in the assault tree to grant instant cast PS. It fits with the supposed mobility of the spec and PS is subject to defensive rolls, though the ability to run and gun would very possibly be OP (Knockback as soon as you're leapt to and then run/gun and they're stuck trying to catch you for 15s). I'd also change the endurance talent to one which lets PS/CB guarantee a proc from plasma cell just like Flame Burst/Ion Pulse works for Vanguards. But arsenal is a ranged turret. It should stay a ranged turret. Run/Gun with tracer missile really would take things to the opposite direction. Also there really is a regen argument. Specifically, an instant cast Grav Round at 9 ammo puts you into mid tier regen. A 1.5s cast time Grav Round at 9 ammo will regen to 10 ammo before the cast goes off and you end up back at 8 ammo which is still top tier regen. It's a small thing but it really adds up over the course of a fight in PVE where you need to be able to stand and cast for sustained periods of time.

Do you guys play melee? It would do wonders for your ability to deal with them on commando/merc because you'd have a better appreciation of what good ranged do with their abilities to deal with melee, and what in general can frustrate melee, then take that lesson back. The frustration for me comes from the simple lack of tools to do those things which melee find so very annoying. Roots, on demand snares, AoE mezzes, these are the things that can win games.

A burst with less of a setup wouldn't hurt, but actually that's what assault does quite while. It's just after having to rely on Power Shots turns you into a ghetto gunnery for the next 6 seconds.
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