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11.22.2012 , 07:22 AM | #153
it can be done in columi gear... it just really depends on a few things:

droid, not at all heal-heavy fight, IF:

- tank interrupts correctly, healer watch out for accidents and cleanse asap
- healer/dps don't run around like madmen, they move and place the bubbles correctly, watch out for environment/adds

Lokin, can be a bit more heal-intense, still doable easily, IF:

- tank kites the boss correctly and avoids satchels
- dps/healer don't stand in one place like cows, but anticipate the aoe timing and move out (healer should cleanse the stacks of debuff frequently)

This FP is not a gear-check, simply a mechanics heavy fight. If you got that, you should have no problems.