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I'm not, not at all. Earlier trailers had a feel to them though. You watched the trailer and had an emotional connection. For example the trailer they took scenes from (Bastila and Malgus on Ilum). I have watched that trailer a gazillion times it is so good, and it is the same gameplay trailer, probably costs about the same amount of money to make. (unless they fired their video guy)

Earlier trailers sort of told a story, this one is just scenes cut together in a mediocre way. Ah well, since everyone seems to like it, its probably only me
The early trailers were boring, unimpressive and truly didn't convince a lot of people by looking at the trailers that TOR would be interesting in any way to check out.

These trailers are a lot more action packed, and with that definitely do make the game itself feel more appealing to give a go. So I'd say, job well done BioWare, keep more trailers like this coming.
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