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What iím looking for:

A social guild on imperial side with a group of folks that are friendly, laid back, mature and have characters that they want to level. I prefer vent/teamspeak/mumble but it's not a requirement.

About me:

I have been playing wow since 2005. The reason I stopped subbing wow was I just needed something different and new. I do not yet have a lvl 50 as I am still learning my way around with my lvl 16 assassin. (love the assassin) I actually started playing swtor the day it launched. Got to lvl 27 on my juggernaut and then all my friends stopped playing. And so here I am again looking for folks to play with.
Good Morning,

I had exactly the same problem in SWTOR. I had friends that I played with daily, and one by one they stopped playing. I almost quit several times. After nearly quitting more than once, I started researching guilds.

Alas, the guild that seemed perfect for me was on another server. I knew it would be crazy to start over, so found another guild on my old server. Guild Wars 2 came along.

Now it was quit the game, or start over on The Shadowlands with Hammerfist Clan (HFC). HFC is an established guild for mature gamers. We have gearing runs for new and soon-to-be 50s, the new runs for HK-51, HMFP and Ops runs, etc. We also have leveling runs and several leveling groups. In a few weeks we are starting dedicated group runs. Four brave souls, one from each class, are leveling together from 1 - 50. My hope is to have at least four of these groups within the next month.

I am having more fun in the game than I ever dreamed possible. And my highest toon is nearly level 35. Many, many people are helping me get to 50. (I suffer from Alt-holism...)

We do have an application process.

Our SWTOR recruitment thread is linked below.

SWTOR Recruitment Thread

If you like what you see, please check out our website.

The Hammerfist Clan

Good luck, I hope you find the right guild home soon.