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At this stage of the game I would argue that mercs are constantly under pressure (beings free kills). But that would likely change if we became more competitive.

Looking at the above example, let's play it out...

The sentinel Force leaps at you and begins his rotation. You pop Tech Override immediately and get off three Tracers (for the stack of five heat signatures). followed with an Unload and a power shot. If you're not dead yet and he's into his Master Strike, you can hit Heatseeker and hope it finishes him off before his master strike (uninterruptable) ends or you can pop jet boost and run. If he pursues, you're back to reliance on a cast ability. Fortunately, his Force leap is on cool down so you can breathe. You've gained enough range to get off a cast Tracer Missile. Perhaps that will finish him off.

What if you've been rooted or otherwise CCed, though? You've already popped your Tech Override and it's a long way from coming off its cool-down. You can't set up another stack of heat signatures because your Tracer is back to being cast and the sentinel is interrupting everything you've got. You watch the last of your health drain away and you find yourself in the respawn area. With all of the various CCs in SWTOR this is very likely to happen.

The above scenario is a 1v1 case, though, and those don't tend to be the norm in a war zone. That five charge Tech Override would let us burn into a single opponent as a starter but we'd never survive long enough to use it again. Add just one more opponent to the furball and you're likely dead before you finish your first rotation. In that case, you'd probably hit jet boost first to gain some space. After you've gained some range, you hit Tech Override and start attacking your first opponent. Once your first rotation is finished you're doomed. If Tracer Missile/ Power Shot were instant cast, though, you may still die, but not necessarily alone.

Modifying Tech Override to give us five instant casts provides us with an excellent opening rotation, but we're back to being dead meat until Tech Override comes off cool-down. If an encounter goes beyond a single rotation it will come down to survivability (something that mercs aren't known for). And conversely, other classes will only have to survive that first rotation before we become an easy kill.

An instant cast Tracer Missile/ Power Shot would allow mercs to keep others at range or at least enable us to fight our way out to range. It would be a steady and reliable heat signature builder that would allow us to kite. The fact that our heavy hitting abilities still require cast times prevents us from being over-powered.
i fully agree with this entire post.

5 instants is a band-aid fix for sure, but it is better than no fix at all.

do i support instant cast Tracer Missile / Power Shot? absolutely, i think it is the one change that would have the largest impact on bringing Merc DPS up to the level of other DPS classes.

but i think we may need to make small improvements, and compromises. i think this new Power Surge would be a step in the right direction for sure
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