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A lot of what you're referring to varies depending on your spec as well as what companion you're packing. Pretty much any tank spec with a healer companion is virtually unkillable, and I would actually say that the VG/PT actually has less squish to it in the mid levels compared to the Shad/Sin (especially before you get decent tank gear and Harnessed Shadows/Darkness in the 30s-40s), not to mention the fact that Shad/Sins have to wait until 36 for Resilience/Force Shroud (the CD that makes them flipping *amazing* when used properly).

I honestly have to wonder what spec you've played for each AC while leveling to reach this conclusion. Shad/Sins actually have some pretty well known survivability problems while leveling (largely due to not having fully fleshed out self heals and tank stats that they rely on so much for their survivability at the end game). If you were playing Shad/Sin as a tank and the other tank classes as DPS I could see how you could come to such a conclusion but, honestly, I can't really agree with you measuring tanks against tanks.
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