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It is mildly disappointing and plain foolish how there are terribly few meaningful(or even meaningless) intersections between the class stories. I've now played through Sith War, Sith Inq stories. Jedi Knight about half way through. There are hardly any connections there for players to find. It seems stories were written by 8 different people who never met, spoke to eachother or planned anything out. Massive missed opportunity here.

Class story should tell literally just that. Story of one of your characters. There is no reason why these stories couldn't come together to form one or two bigger pictures though. No reason for them to be so terrifyingly isolated and seperate. There is no reason why stories and fates of important NPCs, or even PCs couldn't be spread over multiple class stories. Instead of 50 different companions, it would have been pretty fine to have..say, 25-30 different companions who travel from PlayerClass to another, even from faction to another as their stories and fates evolve.

.....Perhaps I am wrong? Have you encountered class stoies that " play together" well? Class stories that compliment eachother, so to speak? Perhaps I could gather recommendations and such in OP in case there are any to be made.

I really hope you can prove me wrong here.

Warn about spoiers!

Sith War - Sith Inq
This makes an extremely pathetic combination in terms of synergy. Nothing whatsoever suggests these two would live in same Galaxy even, heh.

Sith Inq - Jedi Knight I can see these going together fairly well. Even here it certainly doesn't feel like a sequel-prequel type of a thing or that writers would have actually been aware of what the other is doing. Rather, they stories just happen to fit together by coinsidense. Wellp, that's the vibe I'm getting.

Sith War - Jedi Knight
Pretty cool " Ohhh..I seeeee " moment in store here. There isn't an actual intersection but at least player gets very clear feel of both stories existing in same Galaxy. Prolly most entertaining if you play through as Sith War 1st. In terms of timeline, I'm 100% sure Knight happens before Sith War though. But yas, I would recommend playing them in reversed order.