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all CC affects range exactly the same as it affects melee.......

please explain to me how instant cast stops me from being rooted/snared? they are not even related remotely.......

sniper is massively effective at 30+m, because they are a very well designed class. they are uninterruptable and unchargeable when in cover, and have a very good full CC immunity ability. are they able to be killed by melee still? absolutely, it just requires some good play.

Merc needs a way to maintain its damage output while under pressure. Right now, if you assume equal skill and gear, Merc will lose to any melee class, except maybe operatives.
Simple. Being rooted and snared dont prevent you from shooting someone. But it does prevent me as a melee from hitting someone greater than 4m away. Just lke interupts stop your dmg, but do nothing to mine.
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