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11.21.2012 , 03:36 PM | #27
Your focus should be on playability not the class mechanics.

What I mean by this is that the merc has the worst ability lineup for maintaining separation with their opponent. The sniper seems the best at this, with knockback root, stun, mez, multiple defensive abilities. And their cover makes it impossible to jump to them. The sorc has knockback, stun, mez, snare, root, shield, speedburst. They are decent at kiting. But a merc has stun, mez, knockback and def ability. They got the short end of the stick. I would say that what you need is a snare on one of your primary abilities so slow the approach of an enemy, and maybe get something like a jump to friendly target or aoe snare to kite with. As it is its not your damage that hurts you, but the fact that I as a melee have no problem keeping you in range to beat on till your dead. Maintaining separation should be your focus.
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