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You do realize that either 1 point in CR and one point in System Calibrations is necessary right? If you don't go that route and feel more comfortable with CR maxed out- you do that.

If you are not doing that- then you are wrong.

Also, you grab CR not for the time off of Tracer Missile... you grab it for the time off of Unload. Unload becomes a 2.8s channel which adds up over time and adds to your APM. High APM = more attacks = more DPS.

I currently Parse 1900-2100 on NiM Firebrand and Stormcaller (16). That is a mobile fight, but if you manage your abilities EFFICIENTLY you won't have to deal with a major DPS loss while moving in which you can ramp it back up when you are stationary.

Again I will explain why instant Tracers for a 15% damage reduction is terrible.

My Tracers currently crit for 3800. With the damage reduction, it will do 550-600 less per tracer. That is a MAJOR loss.
Not only that, but Tracer will now be only used on the GCD, which for instants is 1.5 seconds. Yes, its only +.1s to your cast but that is still .1s, and for someone min/maxing that is quite a bit. All of these losses for what? To be able to use 1-2 tracers while moving?

Firebrand and Stormcaller = If you are efficient, you will use the knockback to get to your shields. Yes you can do this on Nightmare. That is not even a full GCD to use a Tracer, and also the bosses take like 90% less damage. Running back to the tanks would be the only time you would need that, but with Dart, RS and HSM... (3 GCDs) you get to the tank in enough time for instant Tracers to be obsolete.

Toth and Zorn = Instant Tracers are literally unnecessary in this fight. If you're moving around to the point of needing it- you should rethink your class.

Colonel Vorgath = Instant Tracers definitely not needed.

Kephess = Instant Tracers not needed. When running between droids during the later phases, Dart makes up for it since one GCD will get you to the other side assuming your Marauders take advantage of Predation (which they should be for maximizing DPS output).

So that is current content... where Instant Tracers are not needed. The only reason people want it is for PvP, which will nerf PvE.
just so you know, alacrity does not lower the GCD. so it doesnt matter if you can cast Tracer Missile in .5s, you will still need to wait a full 1.5s for the GCD to go down before you can re-cast. for DPS specs, alacrity is one of the worst stats you can take. and i just tested this to make sure, and the GCD still has to tick down before you can cast again.

so alacrity has literally no impact on how quickly you can output damage. and just so you know, there are more operations than just EC, and there are plenty of mechanics were being immobile is going to get you killed.

again, these changes would not have a significant impact on PvE, no more than they would affect PvP. open your mind and understand there needs to be some give and take, and that these changes would overall offer a massive benefit to the class in both aspects of the game.
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