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Greetings All,

We are evaluating these cases on an individual basis and ask for your patience until your current ticket is attended to. Tickets submitted regarding this specific issue will have the refund request denied if the ticket was submitted after the corrected information was made available via forums and the launcher.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for playing Star Wars: The Old Republic
OR, avoid all the headache and confusion and refund EVERY person who purchased the speederbike unlock for personal consumption, from the time the CCM went live to the time the tooltip was corrected, and send it ingame with an explanation that "THIS character purchased the speederbike unlock during a time when we made an error on the tooltip stating that it was a account wide unlock. If you did intend for just this character to have this unlock, feel free to repurchase this feature." Then remove the unlock that has been applied in this way. It would save you a whole lot of headache and piles of tickets could be effectively voided with such an easy fix.
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