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instant power shot/tracer missile does nothing but improve Mercs ability to maintain its DPS while mobile and/or under pressure from enemies. this is something that Merc DESPERATELY lacks right now

a temporary interrupt immunity does not solve it, because Merc being effective is tied directly to casting abilities 8 times out of 10. that, and interrupt immunity protects only against interrupts, not against knockbacks, pulls, leaps, etc. there are more ways to interrupt casts, other than interrupts.

in conjunction with making those abilities instant, moving the damage output to the back-end would be necessary in my opinion. the overall result would be the slightest reduction in overall damage, as i have already outlined. but in order to maintain balance, this is necessary.

and to those of you that think this will increase Tracer Missile spam, how do you still not realize that Tracer Missile spam is going nowhere? Arsenal is 100% dependent upon using Tracer Missile as a filler/set-up ability. Casted or instant, Tracer Missile is still going to be the most frequently used ability by Arsenal spec'd mercs.

now, for those of you that think we need skills like marauders, or that we need leaps or burst runs, i suggest that you re-roll as the classes that possess those tools. Merc does not need those abilities. As far as "escape" abilities go, the two i have suggested would be simple to implement and have a very positive effect.

you need to keep in mind when you suggest things, that creating a new ability is a multi-departmental task. the more departments involve, the longer it takes for anything to get done. almost all of the changes i suggested merely required re-writing some of the values in the coding. much easier to accomplish these changes that to create whole new abilities that really do not solve anything
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