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11.21.2012 , 12:43 PM | #1
I didn't get any answers on this from the FAQ unfortunately.

I subscribed for the first time after F2P started and I've seen deals for the SWTOR boxed game. If I buy the boxed game, will it be possible to redeem that code as a subscriber and in turn get 30 days added? Or does the code only apply to new accounts?

Note: No codes have been redeemed for this account since its creation in 2010, this is an account I created for beta but I never bought the game after that. I did a trial a long time ago but I can't remember if a code was used but it wasn't from a friend invite.

I also want buy it to TRY to get a couple of friends to play the game. It's F2P but I'd have better success if I told them they'd have everything for the first 30 days..and they wouldn't have to download the game - which would probably take one of them an entire day. So if I refer them, they make an account and and then they redeem the codes, would I get the speeder and the 500 coins? Or do they have to subscribe or redeem a game time card?