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11.21.2012 , 12:09 PM | #80
Almost think the in a bogus thread. Iím leveling an agent and a knight right now. They will be my 3rd and 4th to 50. Donít PvP, donít do space mission beyond getting the title, donít do flash points and only do Heroics 2+ as I solo them, done a few bonus series, but not all and I am overleveled on both toons. I quit doing the bonus on my knight after Tatooine because I was so overleveled, on my agent I have teamed up with a underleveled guildmate since Voss, so we havenít done anything but a few heroic 2+ and no bonus mission. My Knight is level 45 at the start of Belsavis and my Agent is 49 at the start of Corellia. Now my sawbone (original and main toon) had to grind some to stay leveled appropriately, but I have had to skip stuff on all my other toons to prevent god mode.

What class are you? Are you a stealth class? I find that the non-stealth classes I level way faster since I have to kill more. Like I wrote my sawbones i had to grind some and my 2nd toon was a shadow and she was mainly the correct or 1 level above at the start of each planet. I know she was never 4 or 5 above like my Knight.