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you should definitely post on your server forum and also look there if any guild is recruiting.

A guild is basically what the people make of it.
You have small guilds that are comprised of members of the same family or a tightly knit group of friends, and you have gigantic guilds with sub-guilds (because they're limited to 500 members!) with a military like organization, events calendar and so on. At least there used to be gigantic guilds when the game launched.

Don't worry if one guild has very strict recruitment requirements they are probably aiming for the endgame operations. There is probably another guild that will recruit you just because you're are able to tell Darth Baras jokes.

Even if you cannot find a guild soon, don't despair!
You can still ask on the general chat if anyone would like to group with you to do the heroic missions. It's a nice way to meet new people and who knows, maybe you can ask a few questions during the mission and even ask if their guild is recruiting!

Same thing with flashpoints. You can use the group finder although at your level you're limited to either the Esseles (Republic) or Black Talon (Empire).

It may look intimidating, and you may encounter jerks along the way, but you may also meet nice people that will make the game even better to play with.
Thanks a lot for the tips!